Introducing the new generation inverter for projects – Sungrow SG125CX-P2

In addition to the SG110CX inverter, Sungrow continues its product development and introduces the new SG125CX-P2 series designed for large-scale solar projects, compatible with solar panels over 500W. The SG125CX-P2 is not only an upgraded version in terms of power but also integrates various new technologies to optimize output and operational efficiency.

The Sungrow SG125CX-P2 inverter has a wider voltage range, 12 MPPTs for up to 98.5% efficiency, and a maximum DC input current of 15A per String. In addition, the SG125CX-P2 integrates type I + II lightning protection for DC and type II for AC, with an AFCI 2.0 circuit interrupt system detecting DC arc faults with up to 99.9% accuracy. Furthermore, the inverter has the capability of intelligent I-V curve diagnosis and grid monitoring, making it easy to control remotely.




ra-mat-inverter-the-he-moi-cho-du-an-sungrow-sg125cx-p2-h2SG125CX-P2 (3-phase)
Power: 125kW
Maximum efficiency: 98,5%
Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years

icon-flexible OPTIMIZED OUTPUT

  • 12 MPPTs with a maximum efficiency of 98.5%.
  • Maximum DC input current of 15A, compatible with solar panels over 500W.
  • Optimization mode to mitigate shading effects.

icon-smart-setting COST-EFFECTIVE

  • Compatible with aluminum-core AC cables up to 240mm².
  • AC cable box with dust protection, featuring a pull-out design for easy installation.


  • Protection and diagnosis of key components.
  • Online diagnosis and I-V curve analysis.
  • Grid monitoring function, easy to control remotely.


  • IP66 and corrosion resistance C5.
  • Integrated type I + II lightning protection for DC and type II for AC.
  • Supports AFCI 2.0 circuit interrupt system for DC arc fault protection.

With the outstanding technical advantages of this product line, DAT Solar has partnered with Sungrow to distribute the SG125CX-P2 series for commercial and industrial project segments.


DAT Solar is an Authorized Partner and Warranty Center for Sungrow in Vietnam, ensuring all inverter products meet quality standards, with complete CO, CQ documentation, and adherence to the official warranty policy. Additionally, there is a large inventory of Sungrow inverters available at the warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho, ready to quickly and timely meet installation needs from customers and partners.

For more information about the SG125CX-P2 product, please contact DAT Solar via the Hotline 1800 6567 (free of charge) for consultation and 24/7 support.