Why do we need a 3-phase unbalanced solution in hybrid system?


Solving the 3-phase unbalance issue for households

In a 3-phase electrical system at home, there are loads that require 3-phase power. However, more commonly, loads only need single-phase power, such as lighting, single-phase motors, or other household appliances. In this case, the electricity consumption in each phase of the 3-phase grid system will be unbalanced.

GoodWe’s 3-phase hybrid inverter can ensure seamless operation of electrical devices through a 100% unbalanced output power solution at the AC grid connection and the backup AC connection. Moreover, this function can work with a single hybrid inverter or multiple hybrid inverters installed in parallel.

GoodWe’s solution

GoodWe’s unbalanced output solution allows the output power to adapt to the individual phase power consumption instead of fixing a limited output power level. This enables end-users to maximize power generation for flexible loads on each phase.


The maximum output power at each phase of the GoodWe hybrid inverter can range from 0W to 1/3 of the inverter’s rated power. Thus, even if one of the three phases has a power output of 0W, the remaining two phases can still operate normally.

In a system using the GoodWe hybrid inverter, a Smart Meter and CT current sensors are used to monitor real-time consumption on each phase. The inverter adjusts its output power on each phase accordingly. This ensures that no excess energy is fed back into the grid.


Example: GoodWe hybrid inverter model ET Plus+ GW10KN-ET with a power of 10kW will provide power to each phase in the range of 0 – 3.3kW. Let’s analyze the 3-phase unbalance in this example:

  • Input devices:
    • Solar panel system generating 10kW
    • Hybrid inverter ET Plus+ 10kW
  • Inverter output:
    • Charging power for energy storage 2.7kW
    • Backup output power 1kW
  • At the 3-phase output:
    • Phase 1 outputs 1kW for a load of 1kW
    • Phase 2 outputs 2kW for a load of 2kW
    • Phase 3 outputs 3.3kW (maximum power at each phase = 1/3 x 10kW) for a load of 5kW. In this phase, only a small amount of power, 1.7kW, needs to be supplemented from the grid.

Outstanding efficiency benefits


  • Increase the utilization rate for household loads up to 80.5% of total solar power generation.
  • Minimize monthly electricity costs.
  • Minimize the energy exported to the grid.

For more detailed advice on GoodWe’s 3-phase Hybrid Inverter solutions, including the ET and ET PLUS+ series, please contact the hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free). DAT Solar is ready to assist 24/7.