Should you buy solar lights?

The introduction of solar lighting systems has brought convenience and positive changes to modern life. However, many users still hesitate about whether to buy solar lights or not, as this product has a high initial investment cost. If you are also concerned about this issue, do not overlook the information shared in the article below.

Advantages of solar lights

Solar lights are becoming increasingly influential in all regions. The power of this product comes from the outstanding advantages that not every lighting device can have.

  • Save monthly electricity bills

Solar lights are constructed with panels capable of converting energy from sunlight into electricity. The operating principle of solar lights is quite simple: the panels receive direct sunlight and undergo a conversion process to turn this energy source into electricity to illuminate LED bulbs.

Thus, solar lights completely do not use the power grid but only rely on natural sunlight. Therefore, you no longer have to incur costs for monthly electricity bills.


  • Environmentally friendly, contributing to increased social responsibility

Solar lights not only have the advantage of saving electricity bills but are also loved as a rare environmentally friendly product, contributing to increased social responsibility. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that does not cause environmental pollution or emit harmful smoke and dust.

According to studies, solar lights can convert 85% of energy into light, with only 15% of energy converted into heat. In comparison, up to 90% of energy is converted into heat, with only 10% of energy transformed into light.

  • Smart and convenient

Solar lights feature sophisticated and modern designs, providing high aesthetic value suitable for any architectural space. Solar lights can automatically turn on and off, adjust light levels, have timer modes, and can be controlled remotely with smart features.

  • Safe and easy to install

The light from solar lights does not contain high levels of heat, ultraviolet rays, or harmful substances to users’ health. In addition, the lights have a compact and simple design, making them suitable for any structural building. Installation is also easier as no wiring or excavation is needed, eliminating the risk of electric shock and short circuits.

  • Durability and long lifespan

Rany solar light products have a lifespan of up to 10 years. For example, the Sokoyo solar lights, exclusively distributed by DAT Solar, use LED chips with an average lifespan of 12-15 years. The solar energy panels have a durability of over 25 years, and the Lithium LiFePo4 battery has a lifespan of 5-8 years.

The lights are made with high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy ADC12, providing impact resistance and corrosion resistance. The surface is electrostatically sprayed. The IP65, IP68, and IK08 protection levels allow the lights to work well in high temperatures, long rains, and dusty conditions.

  • Flexible applications

Compared to other conventional lighting types, solar lights demonstrate high practical application. With a compact design, simple operation, and no need for complex components or wiring, solar lights are suitable for various installation conditions, such as rural roads, inter-provincial roads, coastal roads, areas around gardens, fish ponds, even remote and isolated areas where wiring is not possible.

Disadvantages of solar lights

Alongside the advantages, solar lights also have some disadvantages, including:

  • High initial investment cost

The installation cost of solar lights is usually higher than that of conventional electric lights. However, when considering long-term use efficiency, this is not a significant drawback, as solar lights are durable, have high operating efficiency, and require minimal repairs or replacements.

  • Dependency on weather conditions

Because it operates based on solar energy, the effectiveness of solar lights may be affected on days without sunlight, overcast days, or during rainy weather.

Comparing the economic efficiency between solar lights and grid-powered lights

As solar lights operate based on solar energy, their effectiveness can be affected on cloudy or rainy days when there is little sunlight.

  • Comparison of economic efficiency between solar lights and grid-powered lights

To provide a clearer understanding of the cost optimization when using solar lights, we will quickly compare the economic efficiency between solar lights and grid-powered lights:

Cost type AC 220V street light – 60W Solar street light Sokoyo – LUMO 60W
Quantity Unit price Total cost Quantity Unit price Total cost
Initial construction cost
Cost of lights 92 pieces 2,043,860  188,035,120 92 pieces 9,179,000 844,468,000
Control cabinet cost (2 cabinets) & MCB 26,069,994
Light pole cost and installation 92 pieces 6,713,809 617,670,428 92 pieces 6,657,033 612,447,036
Tube and underground cable installation cost 786,606,500 0
Underground cable duct construction cost 2000 m 187,500 375,000,000
Grounding pole for lights 31,250,000
Total construction cost 2,024,632,042 1,456,915,036
Initial installation cost of solar lights lower than AC lights 28%
Operating Cost – Maintenance for 10 years of use
Electricity cost [(60W x 12H/day x 365 days x 10 years x 92 lights)/1000] x 1,721 VND/KW 416,096,496 0
System operating cost 3650 times 57,522 209,955,300
Light maintenance cost 92 pieces 4,560,324 419,549,834 24 times 681,315 16,351,560
Replacement of storage battery 0 92 pieces 4,589,500 422,234,000
Total operating cost for 10 years 3,070,233,672 1,895,500,596
Installation and operating cost of solar lights for 10 years lower than AC lights 38%

Comparison table based on the project to install a lighting system for a 1 km long urban road in Ho Chi Minh City with two opposing lanes, each lane being 5.5m wide, and the cost of use over 10 years. Unit: VND
(Note: The data in the table is for reference purposes only)

  • Perfect cost-saving solution for electricity bills

Solar lights utilize natural sunlight, eliminating any related electricity costs for monthly lighting in every household. Consider this alone, and within 1 to 10 years, you would have saved a significant amount in lighting costs by using solar lights instead of grid-powered lights.

  • Cost-saving solution for repairs and replacements

Solar lights have a simple structure, with components manufactured through modern processes, using high-quality, durable materials that are corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant, operating in all weather conditions. Therefore, solar lights incur fewer costs for maintenance, upkeep, repairs, and replacements compared to grid-powered lights.

DAT Solar – Trusted address for solar lights

DAT Solar is the exclusive partner and warranty center for Sokoyo in Vietnam. Reasons for customers to choose to buy solar lights from DAT Solar include:

  • Commitment to providing products with standardized quality, full CO, CQ, and certifications such as CE, RoHS, IEC, ISO, CB.
  • Supplying a variety of Sokoyo solar lights with fast delivery, meeting the lighting needs for various projects.
  • Providing support for consultation, design, supervision, maintenance, and repairs, adhering to the high standards of a reputable solar lighting brand.

Certifications from Sokoyo

ce-certificate-icon-3 The “Compliance with European Standards” certificate indicates that Sokoyo has passed tests and is authorized to sell in the European market.
rohs-certificate-icon-3 Sokoyo has obtained certification regarding the restriction of certain harmful substances in standard solar panels issued by the European Union.
iso-14001-20150-certificate-icon2 ISO 14001:2015 is an international standard for environmental management systems. Sokoyo meets the criteria to limit the environmental impact of its manufacturing activities.
iso-9001-2015 ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard recognizing Sokoyo’s quality management.
iso-45001-2018-icon Sokoyo has a standard international occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001:2018.
ohsas-18001-2007-icon OHSAS 18001:2007 certification is globally recognized, confirming compliance with labor safety and human rights standards.

Sokoyo solar light warranty policy

When purchasing Sokoyo solar lights from DAT Solar, customers will receive an official warranty policy in Vietnam with a warranty period of 3 years.

Details of Sokoyo solar light warranty policy.

Contact information

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