At present, ESCO model in the solar energy sector is one of the highly effective investment solutions both economically and has been widely adopted by many businesses. Thanks to ESCO, enterprises no longer have to worry about capital sources, as they can have valuable solar installations worth tens of billion VND completely free of charge. This allows them to enjoy numerous tangible benefits from green energy with peace of mind.


With ESCO, businesses can have solar installations completely free of charge

ESCO is a solar investment model designed for businesses with high electricity consumption to support their manufacturing and business operations. It targets businesses that own idle warehouse or factory roofs with an area of over 5,000m², have the need for solar installations to use, and desire to save additional annual electricity costs.


By utilizing idle roof space, businesses can have a solar power system installed without the need for any capital investment. The entire installation cost will be covered by the financial partner. DAT Solar will act as the EPC contractor for the project, handling surveying, design, equipment supply, installation, operation, and maintenance of the entire solar power system. Monthly, businesses only need to pay for the electricity from the system to the financial partner at a rate lower than that of EVN (Electricity of Vietnam). At the end of the contract, businesses have the option to renew the lease or take over the system at a symbolic price of 1 USD.

Businesses can save over 2 billion VND in electricity costs annually

With DAT Solar’s ESCO model and financial partners, businesses can use electricity at rates up to 30% lower than EVN.

Businesses owning idle roof space of 5,000m² or more can participate in the ESCO model and install approximately 1MWp. In the case of installing a system with a capacity of 5MWp (equivalent to a roof space of about 30,000m² or more), businesses can save over 2 billion VND in electricity costs annually for manufacturing purposes, and potentially over 5 billion VND per year for business purposes. The larger the project scale, the greater the savings.


Peace of mind and comfort, enjoying many practical benefits with ESCO:

check No need for initial capital investment and no financial risks.
check Use electricity at rates up to 30% lower than EVN.
check Businesses with roof areas of 5,000m² or more can participate in ESCO and install 1MWp. In the case of roof areas from 30,000m², a 5MWp solar power system can be installed, helping businesses save over 2 billion VND in electricity costs annually (for manufacturing businesses).
check Self-protection against annual electricity price increases.
check Use the solar power system entirely for free, saving billions of VND in electricity costs annually after the contract expires.
check Cool the workshop roof by about 5 degrees Celsius.
check Increase brand value through the application of green energy, contributing to environmental protection.


ESCO model criteria are simple, and the approval process is quick

The collaboration process for implementing ESCO among the three parties is relatively simple, with a quick review and project assessment.

  • Step 1: Customer Survey
  • Step 2: Evaluate and propose a preliminary cooperation
  • Step 3: Technical evaluation of the structure
  • Step 4: Formal proposal and signing of the cooperation contract
  • Step 5: Signing the EPC contract and project implementation

Thanks to ESCO, business customers can easily access energy-saving solutions conveniently and effectively. This model will enrich energy-saving solutions, helping businesses enhance their competitive advantages, moving towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable business image.

Absolute peace of mind with DAT Solar as the EPC contractor

To achieve high efficiency with ESCO, in addition to the robust financial strength of the investment fund, a professional EPC contractor is essential for project implementation.


DAT Solar, as the EPC contractor and an icon of quality and efficiency, affirms its outstanding strength in project deployment from consultation, surveying, design, equipment supply, construction, to dedicated accompanying services.

Moreover, DAT Solar is a strategic partner with reputable financial funds both domestically and internationally, such as GreenYellow Vietnam, SEM Corp, CME, Shire Oak International, OCB Bank, ensuring greater peace of mind for customers deciding to implement the ESCO model and maximizing profits for large projects.

DAT Solar and Impressive Figures

check 17+ years of experience.
check 350+ employees, with 41% being highly skilled engineers.
check 1.800+ partners nationwide.
check 10.000+ business customers.
check 10.000+ solar power systems with a total capacity of 800MW provided and deployed nationwide.
check 24/7 consulting support and lifelong project companionship.


DAT Solar accompanies the Government, building a green future

By providing and deploying over 10,000 solar power systems with a total capacity of over 800MW, DAT Solar has contributed to protecting the green planet:

check Contributed to generating +1 billion kWh of electricity annually
check Reduced the burning of +507 thousand tons of coal
check  Reduced annual emissions by +887.040 CO2, equivalent to planting +39 million trees