DAT Group to Showcase at VIMF Bac Ninh 2023

Following the success of VIMF 2022, DAT Group is once again participating in the VIMF 2023 event, taking place from November 8th to 10th, 2023, at the Kinh Bac Cultural Center in Bac Ninh. DAT Group’s booth will be located at Booth 79.

Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) is an international industry-specific event held in provinces and cities with strong industrial development in Vietnam. Over the years, VIMF has built a reputation as an ideal collaboration platform for businesses operating in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and supporting industries in Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, and the United States.

At VIMF Bac Ninh 2023, DAT Group’s booth promises an innovative experience with various engaging activities, along with a diverse range of outstanding solutions in the fields of industrial automation and renewable energy. The booth will focus on the theme “DAT Group – Your Solution Partner for Industrial Automation and Sustainable Energy” to reaffirm DAT Group’s commitment to enhancing efficiency, delivering optimal value to customers and partners.


Specifically, DAT Group will exhibit and introduce products and demo sets simulating industrial automation solutions, including the INVT DA200 ECAM Servo for controlling flying and rotating knife cutting machines, the INVT GD270 VFD for smart multi-pump control, S7-1500T PLC, and multi-axis control solutions for applications with high precision requirements. Additionally, there will be a demonstration of Siemens’ SIMOTICS CONNECTS 400 for motor health monitoring, and a showcase of Siemens’ solution demonstrations.

In the field of renewable energy, DAT Group will present an exhibition of solar energy and energy storage solutions, featuring products such as the INVT XG10KTL 1-phase grid-tied inverter, INVT XG20KTR 3-phase grid-tied inverter, Sungrow SG125CX-P2 3-phase grid-tied inverter, GoodWe Hybrid Inverters (GW5000-ES-20 1-phase and GW10KN-ET 3-phase), Pylontech energy storage batteries (Pelio and Force H2 series), and the GoodWe EV Charger (HCA Series) for electric vehicles. Alongside these, DAT Group will also introduce smart urban traffic lighting solutions with the Sokoyo Nova 60W solar light and backup power solutions with the INVT DT33010XS 10kVA UPS.

In addition to experiencing products and solutions, visitors to the booth will receive unique gifts from DAT Group and its strategic partners, including INVT, Siemens, and more.

Visit DAT Group’s booth at VIMF Bac Ninh 2023 to receive expert assistance in finding the most suitable solutions, bringing significant benefits such as cost savings, maximized productivity, increased operational efficiency, and environmentally friendly practices for businesses. Valued customers and partners can stay updated on the latest event information by visiting DAT Group’s website.