DAT Group introduces unbalanced 3-phase solution at hybrid seminar

In addition to the perfect Hybrid devices for household projects, partners attending the seminar also showed great interest in unbalanced 3-phase solutions and parallel installation of multiple inverters to optimize energy consumption, save electricity, and prevent reverse power flow to the grid.

The seminar series, “New Solar Energy Storage Solutions for the Residential Segment in 2023”, organized by DAT Group in collaboration with GoodWe Vietnam, took place from March to April 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho. The events saw the participation of various dealer partners, companies, and installation units involved in solar power and energy storage systems for residential segments across provinces and cities.

Seminar on hybrid solutions for residential segment in Can Tho.

At the seminar, in addition to hands-on experience with actual products, partners had the opportunity to gain deeper insights into parallel connection solutions, unbalanced phase configurations, and sample configurations of solar storage systems for the residential segment in 2023.

Many dealer partners expressed particular interest in the GoodWe ET Plus+ Series 16A Hybrid Inverter (3-phase) with a capacity of 10kW and the unbalanced 3-phase solution, which helps maximize the use of electricity from the solar power system.

The seminar held in Can Tho featured the compatibility of the ET Plus+ Series 16A with unbalanced 3-phase solutions

Regarding the ET Plus+ Series by GoodWe, it is the latest product designed for 3-phase residential solar storage, integrating various new technologies for a conversion efficiency of up to 97.5%. The product boasts outstanding technical advantages in design and intelligent load control. It allows a maximum DC input current of 16A per string, making it compatible with high-power solar panels on the market. The Plug & Play design ensures easy installation, and it features a quick transition from grid power to backup power in under 10ms (UPS standard). With an integrated Type II SPD at the DC end, it operates smoothly with a fanless cooling system and offers multiple battery storage settings. Alongside the ET Plus+ Series 16A, the GoodWe ET 15-30kW Hybrid Inverter is also suitable for large-scale residential, small industrial, and commercial applications.

DAT Group representatives introduced the unbalanced 3-phase solution

Representatives from DAT Group shared detailed information about the 100% unbalanced 3-phase solution on both AC grid and backup AC grid. This solution effectively addresses the challenge of increasing the electricity consumption rate for household loads to over 80% of the total solar power generated, minimizing excess power sent to the grid and reducing monthly electricity costs.

Configuration of Unbalanced 3-Phase Installation using GoodWe hybrid inverter

The unbalanced 3-phase solution allows the output power to adapt to the consumption of each individual phase instead of fixing the output power limit. The maximum output power at each phase can range from 0W to 1/3 of the inverter’s rated power. Therefore, even if one of the three phases has a power of 0W, the remaining two phases can still operate normally. Many partners expressed great interest in the unbalanced 3-phase solution, desiring to understand and apply it to real projects.

Through the seminar, dealers and installation companies have more choices in terms of products and solutions, accompanied by comprehensive support from DAT Group, making their solar business more efficient and successful.

The seminar was a great success, providing effective introductions and sharing insights into various efficient Hybrid solutions

As the Exclusive Distributor Partner for GoodWe Hybrid Inverters, the Authorized Service Center for GoodWe, and the Authorized Partner for Pylontech, DAT Group is always ready to provide comprehensive support, including commercial policies, sales tools such as catalogs and brochures, technical training, and sharing experiences in implementing sample projects. Importantly, DAT Group has a large inventory of equipment in warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho, implementing warranty policies according to the manufacturer’s standards. This ensures that customers and partners can increase efficiency and feel confident when choosing equipment and solutions from DAT Group.

To connect and collaborate with DAT Group in solar power storage business and learn more about GoodWe Hybrid Inverter products, partners can visit the website www.datsolar.com or contact the hotline 1800 6567 (toll-free) for 24/7 support.