DAT Group introduces IoT solution for solar street lights

In August 2023, DAT Group successfully organized the seminar “Solar street lights and IoT monitoring – A new Era of Traffic Lighting”, introducing the system’s products, technology, and the distinctive value of Sokoyo solar street lights, with a special focus on smart IoT monitoring solutions.

To ensure that solar street lighting projects achieve high economic efficiency, meet brightness requirements, and comply with the Ministry of Construction standards, investors need not only high-quality products but also the deployment of IoT systems for monitoring and stable operation.

The seminar took place on August 4, 2023, at Mường Thanh Luxury Saigon Hotel

Addressing the needs and expectations of our valued partners, DAT Group organized the seminar “Solar street lights and IoT monitoring – A new Era of Traffic Lighting”. The event was held at Mường Thanh Luxury Saigon, attracting a significant number of participants, including customers and partners from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

The seminar shared the effectiveness of the IoT solution for solar street lights

DAT Group introduced a diverse range of Sokoyo solar street light products in terms of design and power, including the All-in-One series with Matrix 10W, Nova 40–60W, Coolex 60–120W for resort areas, residential areas, and urban traffic; the All-in-Two series with Solo 15W, Teco 20W, Ambo 30W, Intense 40–60W for rural and urban traffic, and internal roadways; the Split Type series with Lumo 40–60W, Conco 80–150W for main roads, highways, and urban traffic…

Thanks to its core technology platform and autonomous manufacturing capabilities, with an annual supply capacity exceeding 250.000 lights, Sokoyo continually improves its products to meet the demands and trends of new energy. Compared to other products on the market, Sokoyo lights demonstrate outstanding technical specifications, using Philips 3030/5050 LED chips (Netherlands) with luminous efficiency of 170lm/W, durability exceeding 12 years; LiFePO4 lithium storage battery with a capacity 14.4 times greater than the light output, with a lifespan of up to 8 years; mono/poly solar panels with a power capacity 2.2–3.3 times higher than the light output, maintaining 80% efficiency over 25 years…

DAT Group presents an overview of Sokoyo lights’ “Quality Standard”

Notably, Sokoyo is ready to configure and manufacture new solar street lights to meet the specific needs of investors or the unique requirements of each project. This allows contractors to choose suitable products with confidence in quality, durability, and operational efficiency when applying Sokoyo lights in traffic infrastructure lighting projects.

Mr. Van Dat Tieu, Chairman of the Board, General Director of DAT Group, shared: “As Sokoyo’s Exclusive Partner and Authorized Service Center in Vietnam, DAT Group officially distributes 100% genuine “Quality Standard” solar street lights, certified with CE, RoHS, TUV, IEC, ISO… meeting the full standards of the Ministry of Construction. Additionally, DAT Group and Sokoyo bring IoT monitoring and smart lighting system operation solutions, helping the system operate stably, optimize investment efficiency, and achieve high performance.”

DAT Group’s IoT solution demo receives considerable interest

The IoT solution, developed by DAT Group to suit the lighting model, collects, analyzes, and processes data in Vietnam. This solution can synchronize data with the IoT Smart Monitoring and Operation Center of major cities or the individual data management platforms of each customer, providing comprehensive monitoring of solar street light systems based on 4G networks and LoRa communication protocols, suitable for smart urban lighting projects.

The IoT solution helps monitor real-time status, including voltage, current, energy levels, light intensity ratios, of each light anytime, anywhere via phones and computers. Moreover, the monitoring system has remote control capabilities, allowing brightness adjustment to extend lighting times, predict light malfunctions, automatically issue error alerts for timely and accurate resolution. Additionally, wireless, cable-free connectivity helps save labor monitoring costs.

The seminar was a great success, spreading many valuable insights

Through the seminar “Solar street lights and IoT monitoring – A New Era of Traffic Lighting”, DAT Group and our esteemed partners hope to have more opportunities to collaborate, cooperate, and replicate intelligent lighting models, apply clean energy for a sustainable green future, actively contribute to achieving the Net Zero 2050 goal and the Government’s Power Plan VIII.

To connect and collaborate with DAT Group on deploying many solar energy lighting projects, customers and partners are invited to contact the hotline 1800 6567 (free of charge) for 24/7 consultation and support.