DAT Solar provides solar solution training for Southern Power Service Company and Ho Chi Minh City Power Service Company

As part of DAT Solar’s strategic collaboration plan with its partners, the solar solution training program, held from September 7 to 11, 2020, for the Southern Power Service Company and Ho Chi Minh City Power Service Company, was a resounding success. The program delivered extensive knowledge about products, effective solar solutions, and shared valuable experiences in implementing large-scale solar projects.

The five-day training program took place at DAT’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, equipped with a modern demo system and a team of experienced DAT Solar experts and engineers who have supplied and installed over 10,000 solar systems with a total capacity of nearly 800 MWp nationwide. The training program covered not only foundational theoretical knowledge but also focused on the practical implementation process of solar projects for households, small and medium-sized projects, and large industrial projects.


Through these training sessions, the technical staff of the Southern Power Service Company and Ho Chi Minh City Power Service Company will gain comprehensive knowledge about the survey, design, material extraction, installation, and operation processes of solar systems, ensuring high performance and electricity output for a stable operation over 30 years.


Furthermore, DAT Solar provided favorable conditions for the partner’s technical staff to visit the warehouse area and technical service center of DAT, gaining hands-on experience with solar systems at the company. DAT Solar’s experts were on hand to answer any questions or concerns from the partners in a thorough and detailed manner.


Sharing his thoughts on participating in the training program, Mr. Huu Khanh Cao, Director of the Electricity Service Company in Binh Duong under the Southern Power Service Company, stated, “Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the training team of DAT Solar for their enthusiasm and dedication. The preparation for the training program was meticulously carried out, from technical documents to effective teaching methods, delving into real projects, making the training session not only informative but also interesting. After participating in the training program, I have a better grasp of knowledge, products, and how to design high-performance solar systems to provide better advice and meet the needs of each customer segment.”


Through this long-term strategic collaboration, the comprehensive training and partnership between DAT Solar and the Southern Power Service Company, Ho Chi Minh City Power Service Company, not only enhance the partners’ understanding of effective solar solutions, techniques, and business practices but also contribute to spreading the values of the Ecosystem. This collaboration allows customers to have more choices of reliable providers offering comprehensive rooftop solar solutions with quality services locally, contributing to the collective development of the solar industry in Vietnam.