In order to expand the comprehensive Ecosystem, to meet the needs of customers and partners for power storage solutions; at the same time, following the successful cooperation with Sungrow in 2020, DAT Solar continues to promote the provision of Hybrid and ESS solutions.

2020 is a year of strong development of the renewable energy industry, especially solar power with many practical benefits for users and owners. However, the output of solar power generated at noon is very large, but the load demand during this time decreases. Meanwhile, the evening is the time when the load demand is high but there is no solar power supply, affecting the operation of the National grid, causing many solar power projects to cut output.

At the same time, many households, organizations and enterprises with production, business, information transmission and storage activities, need to maintain a stable and continuous power source for important equipment such as: surveillance camera, server system, freezer, computer system, medical equipment, elevator, Koi aquarium, etc. In particular, many island districts and areas without grid electricity have to use oil at a very high price, with great loss in costs.

Therefore, in order to accompany EVN in efficiently operating the power source, contributing to energy security and helping customers and partners have more effective power storage solutions, DAT Solar has cooperated with Sungrow provides Hybrid and ESS solutions for households, enterprises and solar power plants, wind power plants.

This is a long-term strategy and vision, helping to expand the DAT Ecosystem, anticipate the trend of energy storage in Vietnam, and provide owners with high-tech power storage solutions, helping to optimize energy consumption, avoid waste due to deflation and solve the problem of uninterrupted power supply.

For household storage (Hybrid) solar power solutions, the system will charge the storage batteries to provide uninterruptible power to critical load devices. If the solar power is left over, it will be connected to the grid to supply other devices. When there is a shortage of solar power, the system will supplement the grid power to supply electrical equipment and charge the storage battery. In the event of a power failure, the system uses solar energy and electricity from storage batteries to provide priority load equipment. DAT Solar is currently distributing SH5K-30 hybrid inverter with 1-phase voltage, capacity of 5kW and hybrid SH5.0/6.0/8.0/10.0RT inverter with 3-phase voltage, capacity from 5 to 10kW integrated advanced technology, the time to switch to standby mode is less than 20ms, providing a stable power supply for electrical devices that need to maintain continuous power.

Hybrid power storage solution uses Lithium battery SBR096 – 256 with capacity from 9.6kWh to 25.6kWh. With a wide range of stored power from 9-100kWh; flexible design, supporting 3 – 8 modules each, connecting up to 4 sets in parallel; connect to Sungrow inverter without installation; simple, easy for users.

Especially, for business projects, DAT Solar provides ESS solutions to help manage power sources effectively; maximum use of electricity from clean energy projects; charge the storage battery at off-peak hours, during normal hours to use during peak hours to help reduce electricity costs; provide a stable power source for the system when there is a problem with the grid power; the ESS system can be used on an island or where mains power fails. Regarding the ESS solution, DAT Solar is providing AC cabinets and outdoor storage battery cabinets ST129CP-50HV Series; capacity range from 50kW – 1MW; continuous power supply from 2 to 5 hours helps customers actively manage a stable energy source, not affected much by the grid.


In addition, there are power storage solutions for solar power plants, wind power plants with a capacity range greater than 1MW, helping to move energy, charge and store at the time the solar power system generates peak capacity and discharge at times of high load demand or at the request of EVN.

With efficient power storage solutions from the strategic cooperation of DAT Solar and Sungrow, customers will be more secure and proactive in energy management. Besides, as an authorized partner of Sungrow in Vietnam, DAT Solar also brings quality products, committed to genuine warranty policy; support quick and instant technical troubleshooting; product warranty according to the standardization process of professionalism, satisfying the needs and highest satisfaction of customers and partners.

For more detailed information about Hybrid and ESS solutions, together with DAT Solar to take the lead in the solar power storage market, contact hotline 1800 6567 for 24/7 advice and support.