DAT sponsors a solar street lighting project in Lam Dong

On August 19, 2022, DAT Group JSC organized the inauguration and handover ceremony for the solar street lighting project in Bong Lai village, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, Vietnam.

This is the next “green project” sponsored by DAT in 2022, aiming to provide the local government with solar-powered street lights to enhance rural road lighting quality and spread a positive message about environmental protection.

The road passing through Thon Bong Lai, Hiep Thanh commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, is one of the crucial routes leading to residential areas with a high density of people. However, due to difficulties in installation and connecting power lines, this stretch of road through Bong Lai village has not been adequately invested in a systematic lighting system. This lack of lighting in many sections poses inconvenience and safety risks for nighttime travel. Therefore, the local government has always aimed to improve the street lighting system to enhance the quality of rural traffic illumination and build a new rural image.


Understanding the concerns of Bong Lai villagers, DAT decided to sponsor a solar street lighting system, collaborating with the local government to implement an intelligent lighting project for a 1.8km road leading to Thon Bong Lai.

In this project, DAT sponsored 51 solar streetlight poles from Sokoyo, including the SOLO 15W, TECO 20W, and CONCO 80W models, along with various equipment and materials. The estimated total cost for the entire project was over 26.000 USD, and it was implemented and installed in July 2022 with unanimous support from the local government.


To ensure high economic efficiency and stable operation, meeting the brightness requirements and standards of the Ministry of Construction, DAT used Sokoyo solar lights known for their “Standard Quality.” These lights possess superior advantages in design, technical specifications, and have full test reports for both the lights and LED chips. They also meet certifications such as CE, RoHS, IEC, ISO, successfully applied in various smart lighting projects in Vietnam.

After the construction and assessment of safety and efficiency, the project was officially inaugurated and handed over on August 19, 2022, with the participation of representatives from the local government, DAT leadership, construction contractors, and various media outlets. The event was well-received by the residents of Bong Lai village.


During the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Van Dat Tieu, the CEO of DAT, shared, “In parallel with our business activities in the development of automation and renewable energy sectors, DAT always focuses on the community through numerous charitable activities, sponsoring solar power systems, and solar street lighting projects to spread the practical benefits of green energy across provinces nationwide. Seeing many roads in Bong Lai village illuminated by solar lights makes the travel of local residents more convenient and safer at night. DAT is delighted to have sponsored and completed the project in line with expectations and goals, receiving high praise from the local government and residents in the area.

With the desire to “Illuminate every road with solar lights”, improving the quality of rural and urban traffic lighting, DAT will continue to maintain and implement more sponsored projects in the future. Simultaneously, aligning with the government’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, DAT aims to contribute through the application of renewable energy projects, building a sustainable green future.”


The Bong Lai street lighting project operates entirely automatically, eliminating the need for grid connections, reducing the risk of electric shock, fire hazards, and avoiding the costs of wiring, road excavation, and maintenance. All Sokoyo solar lights sponsored by DAT come with a 3-year warranty, and the light poles are covered for 1 year from the project acceptance date. It is expected that the system will save 100% of the electricity usage, equivalent to 17.520 kWh annually, reducing emissions by over 14.088 kg of CO2. This contributes to creating a bright, green, clean, beautiful, and safe rural landscape, supporting the effective implementation of the new rural construction criteria and relieving the burden on the National Power Grid.

DAT believes that in the coming time, they will continue to support many more green energy projects, pioneering the creation of an ecosystem that enhances efficiency and brings optimal value to customers and partners, while actively contributing to social responsibility and positive contributions to the community.

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