100W solar street light

The Sokoyo 100W solar street light is no longer an unfamiliar name to contractors and investors in solar-powered lighting projects. With its advantages in wide-angle illumination up to 150° x 75°, high LED efficiency, long lifespan, and environmental friendliness, solar street lights have become a preferred choice for urban and rural roadways, factory premises, and more. What distinctive features does the Sokoyo 100W solar street light offer that garner such widespread interest? Let’s explore this with DAT Solar in the article below.

Sokoyo’s 100W solar street light series

Currently, Sokoyo’s 100W solar street lights primarily come in two main series:

Technical Specifications
Product code KY-F-HX-002 KY-Y-YJ-002-C1 KY-Y-YJ-003-C1
Maximum LED light power 100W
Input voltage DC 24V
Product line Split Type All in One
Lithium LiFePo4 battery 1440WH 1728WH 2304WH
Solar Panel 36V/240W
LED Chip LUMILEDS 3030/5050 LUMILEDS 3030
Color temperature 3000K/4000K/5700K/6500K
Color rendering index ≥Ra70
Light distribution type Batwing light distribution type(150°x75°)
Single LED chip efficiency 170LM/W
IP protection rating IP66 IP65
IK protection rating IK08
Operating temperature -40℃~+60℃ -10℃~+60℃
Weight 4.6kg 40.3kg 43.4kg
LED lifespan ≥50000H
Supporting pole diameter φ60mm φ102mm
Controller PWM, 24V, 20A PWM, 24V, 15A
Lighting modes and operating time

Initial 0.5 hours: 20% brightness; Following 1 hour: 100% brightness;

Next 3 hours: 50% brightness; Last 7.5 hours: 20% brightness;

(This mode allows customization of both time and brightness levels according to individual needs using a remote control)

Initial 0.5 hours: 20% brightness; Next 2 hours: 100% brightness;

Following 3 hours: 50% brightness;

Last 6.5 hours: 20% brightness (This mode allows customization of both time and brightness levels according to individual needs using a remote control)

Initial 0.5 hours: 30% brightness; Next 3 hours: 100% brightness; Following 3 hours: 50% brightness;

Last 6.5 hours: 30% brightness (This mode allows customization of both time and brightness levels according to individual needs using a remote control)

Independent operating time

(In case of prolonged rainy days with no sunlight)

3 days
Light Dimensions 645*295*144mm 1980*680*90mm

What brand is Sokoyo? Where is it from?

Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Light Company is based in Yangzhou City, near Shanghai, established in 2008, and ranks among the top 2 solar light product manufacturers in China. Sokoyo is a professional manufacturer of solar street lights with a factory area of over 80.000m², autonomously producing solar panels, batteries, and lights to ensure quality control. The company can meet an annual capacity of over 250.000 sets for the market. With a highly skilled R&D engineering team, Sokoyo consistently innovates, enhancing light quality to meet the practical needs of customers.


Why is Sokoyo’s 100W solar street light brighter than conventional 100W solar street lights?

1. Is more watts equal to more brightness?

Selecting LED solar lights is entirely different from choosing incandescent lights. Applying incandescent light selection knowledge to purchase LED solar lights is not appropriate.

DAT suggests the following: Don’t focus on Watts (W), focus on Lumens (LM). Many people still habitually look at the light’s power to choose, thinking that higher power means greater brightness. While this is relatively true when considering LED lights, looking at the W only tells us about power consumption rather than brightness. To accurately know the brightness, look at the LM rating.

2. What are Lumens?

Lumens are a derived SI unit of luminous flux, measuring the total amount of light emitted by a light source. The symbol for Lumens is LM. If Lumens are higher, the light is brighter, and if Lumens are lower, the brightness is weaker.

To replace a 100W incandescent bulb, you need a bulb that provides 1600 Lumens. If you want dimmer light to save electricity, choose a bulb with lower Lumens; similarly, if you want brighter light, choose a bulb with higher Lumens.

3. Brightness capability of different lights

Incandescent lights have an efficiency of about 10-20 LM/Watt, Fluorescent lights have an efficiency of about 40-50 LM/Watt and LED lights have the highest efficiency, ranging from 80-100 LM/Watt. Currently, there are premium lights that can reach up to 170LM/Watt, such as the LUMILED chip equipped in Sokoyo lights.

4. Comparing the brightness of Sokoyo’s 100W solar street light to conventional 100W solar lights

Power LED Chip Efficiency Theoretical luminous flux Actual luminous flux (~90% of theoretical luminous flux)
Solar street light 100W conventional 100W 100LM = 100W x 100LM = 10,000LM/W 9,000LM/W
Solar street light 100W Sokoyo 100W 170LM = 100W x 170LM = 17,000LM/W 15,300LM/W

Note: Actual brightness is reduced compared to theoretical due to factors such as LED chip arrangement losses and the light obstruction caused by the fixture’s corner.

Comparison of the brightness of SOKOYO 60W solar street light (left) and a conventional 200W solar street light (right).

5. Be cautious of the virtual power of solar lights

Have you ever wondered why solar lights, with the same power, appear much brighter than conventional lights?

Have you ever wondered why solar lights, with the same power, appear much brighter than conventional lights? Currently, many untrustworthy suppliers take advantage of consumers’ psychology by stating the maximum power that the source can convert in a very short time on the product. Presenting virtual power in this way aims to attract the attention of customers who do not fully understand the mechanism of solar lights. Therefore, if you see solar lights advertised with a large power, you should consider carefully before buying, as it may be virtual power that the manufacturer wants to showcase. The actual power of the 100W Sokoyo solar street light must have a much larger size than a conventional light with virtual power.

The actual power of the 100W Sokoyo solar street light must have a much larger size than a 200W conventional light with virtual power

To better understand and grasp the lighting capabilities of solar lights, customers can visit DAT directly at the main headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and branches in Can Tho, Hanoi for direct comparisons and visual assessments.

How much does the Sokoyo 100W solar street light cost?

Products Price
CONCO 100W 1440WH Contact hotline 1800 6567 for a competitive quote
COOLEX 100W 1728WH Contact hotline 1800 6567 for a competitive quote
COOLEX 100W 2304WH Contact hotline 1800 6567 for a competitive quote

Outstanding advantages of the 100W solar light product:

  • The lamp body uses high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy, lightweight, and excellent heat dissipation
  • Patented design, innovative, stylish, and convenient. No need to open the cover for installation, easy to operate
  • Uses high-performance Philips Lumileds 3030/5050 LED chip (≥170lm/W), a renowned brand from the Netherlands. LED lifespan > 50.000 hours (equivalent to 12 years of durability)
  • Large-capacity Lithium LiFePo4 storage battery, with a lifespan of up to 8 years
  • High-performance solar panel, durability over 25 years. The tilt angle can be adjusted to receive maximum radiation
  • Remote adjustment and setting of parameters with a handheld device
  • 3 working time frames can be set from 0 to 15 hours, and power from 0 to 100%
  • Smart controller customizes brightness and reduces power consumption, monitors the light’s operation, extends the light’s lifespan. Enables the light to self-illuminate in the dark and turn off in daylight
  • IoT connectivity: Monitor the smart system on your phone (optional)
  • Certified: CE, IEC, RoHS…

Applications of the Sokoyo 100W solar street light

1. Illumination of urban roads and real estate

The solar street light system is beneficial for lighting streets in urban areas and real estate with its wide illumination, making it easy for pedestrians to see signs, paths, sidewalks, and parking lots.

The solar light system operates independently, not relying on the power grid. Therefore, for urban road areas and real estate districts, solar street lights are an excellent, cost-effective, and low-maintenance choice.


2. Illumination of factory internal roads

The Solar LED lighting system features a special storage system that allows continuous lighting for up to 3 days before needing a recharge. In industrial centers, factories, and commercial centers where there is a large electrical load for lighting, solar lights are an excellent solution, meeting criteria for illumination capacity as well as cost savings on electricity and maintenance.

3. Illumination of urban traffic roads

Movement and transportation are crucial aspects of life, making ensuring safety through lighting essential. Therefore, saving electricity consumption each month is imperative. As a result, solar lighting technology is increasingly being recognized and applied, particularly in urban traffic scenarios.


Applying solar lights not only helps save electricity but also minimizes environmental pollution. Currently, solar lights are being utilized in various vehicles, including bicycles, boats, helicopters, cars, motorcycles, trains, and airplanes.

Moreover, these lights can operate in conditions with many clouds and provide reliable light at any time.

4. Illumination of rural traffic roads

In some areas, especially rural regions with limited power grid systems that do not meet lighting needs in traffic areas, inconvenience in vehicle movement occurs. Installing solar lights helps save costs for installation, power grid extension, and maintenance. Therefore, the application of solar lights in rural areas is gaining significant attention.


DAT Solar is the exclusive distributor and service center for Sokoyo in Vietnam, committed to delivering standardized and quality products with full certifications such as CO, CQ, CE, RoHS, IEC, ISO, CB, catering to diverse needs, especially for construction projects, rural road lighting projects, and urban lighting projects.

DAT Solar provides support in consulting, designing lighting solutions, IoT monitoring systems, and collaborates with partners in comprehensive installation, assisting customers in enhancing efficiency.

Product configurations are tailored to specific needs, accompanying contractors and dealers with warranty support and after-sales services.


Goods and equipment are always available in Vietnam, eliminating the need for partners to invest in warehouses and incur costs for personnel managing imports and warehouse operations.

DAT Solar, as the representative of the brand, implements a genuine warranty policy directly in Vietnam.

DAT Solar’s technical service centers are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho, providing comprehensive support to customers and partners.

All products supplied by DAT Solar come with genuine electronic warranties. Customers can install and check warranty periods and policies through the DAT Portal app on Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (IOS).


With over 350 experienced staff ready to provide 24/7 support before and after sales, DAT Solar is committed to ensuring the overall quality of distributed products nationwide, offering intelligent solutions that save customers time and costs.

Certifications from SOKOYO

ce-certificate-icon-3 The “Compliance with European Standards” certificate indicates that Sokoyo has passed tests and is authorized to sell in the European market.
rohs-certificate-icon-3 Sokoyo has obtained certification regarding the restriction of certain harmful substances in standard solar panels issued by the European Union.
iso-14001-20150-certificate-icon2 ISO 14001:2015 is an international standard for environmental management systems. Sokoyo meets the criteria to limit the environmental impact of its manufacturing activities.
iso-9001-2015 ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard recognizing Sokoyo’s quality management.
iso-45001-2018-icon Sokoyo has a standard international occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001:2018.
ohsas-18001-2007-icon OHSAS 18001:2007 certification is globally recognized, confirming compliance with labor safety and human rights standards.

Warranty policy


Details of Sokoyo Product Warranty Policy


Contact information

For more information about Sokoyo solar energy products, management solutions, IoT system monitoring, don’t hesitate to call the hotline at 1800 6567 (free of charge) to receive 24/7 advice and support from DAT Solar.