Phu Quoc Airport access road illuminated with solar lights

In August 2021, the successful implementation of a lighting project for the 2.2km perimeter road of Phu Quoc Airport using 120 Sokoyo solar lights was carried out by DAT Solar’s partner, Truc Ngoc Company.

Project Overview

  • Installation location: 2.2km perimeter road in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Vietnam.
  • Project contractor: Truc Ngoc Construction and Electrical Energy Technical Company Limited.
  • Main equipment: LUMO 60W solar lights, Sokoyo brand.
  • Completion time: August 2021.

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Investment Opportunity

Vietnam has an estimated electricity consumption for lighting purposes of 25%, ranking among the top 20 developing countries with the highest electricity usage. This demand continues to rise. Moreover, the national target program for building new rural areas (2021 – 2025) and developing economic and social infrastructure towards becoming a smart city requires continuous improvement and integration of new technologies for public lighting projects.

Therefore, the use of solar energy for lighting solutions, which saves electricity and is environmentally friendly, is crucial and has been applied to numerous projects, including residential homes, villas, resorts; internal lighting for factories, squares, parks; rural road lighting, urban traffic, and public bidding projects.

To move towards using solar lights as an alternative to traditional street lights and save electricity, Truc Ngoc Company collaborated with DAT Solar to implement the 2.2km lighting project for Phu Quoc Airport’s perimeter road using the Sokoyo solar lighting system.


Challenges Faced

The investor aimed for the project to achieve high lighting efficiency, optimal installation and operation costs, stability, and compliance with the construction standards for public lighting projects set by the Ministry of Construction.

Solar lights used in the project had to guarantee quality, be produced by reputable global companies, have accurate technical specifications, and meet certifications such as CE, RoHS, IEC, ISO, CB, along with comprehensive test reports for lights and LED chips for large-scale lighting projects.

In addition, the lighting system needed to operate effectively in harsh weather conditions, unusual changes, prolonged rain, and provide good brightness, illuminating the entire 2.2km perimeter road of Phu Quoc Airport at night.


Efficient Solution

After surveying and designing based on the criteria provided by the project’s investor, DAT Solar and Truc Ngoc chose to use 120 LUMO 60W lights, a Sokoyo brand known for its “standard quality” These lights can continuously illuminate for 12 hours each night, even without sunlight (when fully charged), lasting for three consecutive nights.

LUMO is a split-type solar light series with many superior design and component specifications.

LED lights, storage battery, and solar panel are separate devices connected to each other through specialized jacks. The solar panel can adjust its tilt angle, enhancing the absorption of light radiation and expediting the charging process to fill the storage battery.

  • LUMO 60W uses Philips Lumileds LED chips, with LED chip efficiency reaching up to 170lm/W. Lifespan exceeds 50.000 hours (equivalent to 12 years).
  • Lithium LiFePo4 storage battery with a capacity of 864Wh, 14 times higher than the light’s power, extending the lighting time. Lifespan up to 8 years.
  • ono solar panel 18V/130W, panel power more than 2 times the light’s power. Durable for over 25 years.
  • Intelligent controller adjusts brightness and reduces power consumption, monitors light operation. Allows lights to illuminate automatically in the dark and turn off in daylight.
  • With IP68 and IK08 protection levels, the lights can work well in high-temperature environments, prolonged rain, dust, and have good impact resistance.
  • The lights are covered by a 3-year warranty from DAT Solar.

Project Completion

After completion and implementation, the solar lighting project in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang received praise for its excellent lighting performance, meeting expectations and goals, reflecting the investor’s vision, providing high economic efficiency, and contributing to environmental protection.

  • Using 100% solar energy, saving more than 2.400 USD in electricity costs annually (equivalent to when 100% AC lights are used).
  • No need for road excavation, wiring, just install the poles, and the lights can be used immediately. Saves up to 30% of the total project investment cost.
  • Components making up the lights have a high lifespan. The modular design is easy to replace.
  • No need for grid electricity, electrically safe. Reduces the load on the national power grid.

Through comprehensive collaboration and sustainable cooperation, DAT Solar and Truc Ngoc have excellently completed the project, bringing green energy to the pearl island of Phu Quoc and contributing to the development of the renewable energy sector while protecting the environment.


DAT Solar is the exclusive partner of Sokoyo in Vietnam, committed to delivering solar lighting products of ‘standard quality,’ fully certified with CO and CQ documentation, widely applicable for public bidding projects, rural road lighting projects, urban traffic lighting projects, internal lighting projects for factories, schools, hospitals, residential lighting, and more. Additionally, DAT Solar’s team of engineers provides support for consultation, lighting solution design, IoT monitoring, and more. Thanks to this, partners can trust in the quality and be satisfied with the effectiveness when choosing Sokoyo lighting products and lighting solutions from DAT Solar.

For further consultation on Sokoyo solar lighting products and intelligent lighting solutions, contact the hotline at 1800 6567 (toll-free) for 24/7 assistance.

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