Power Storage Solution for Restaurants, Hotels, Bus Stations

Solar power combined with storage is a new trend helping businesses to have more control over managing their power consumption. Storing energy during low electricity prices and using it during peak hours can significantly save on electricity costs.

It’s time to consider energy storage solutions

Thanks to favorable natural conditions, solar energy in Vietnam has experienced significant growth over the past year. However, the solar energy boom has led to grid overload during midday when the sun’s radiation is highest, but demand is low. The peak electricity usage hours fall between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM when there is no sunlight.


This has caused operational challenges for the power grid, struggling to keep up with the rapid development of solar power. Therefore, there is a crucial need for solar energy storage solutions, especially for businesses involved in manufacturing or services with high electricity consumption.

Who should consider solar power combined with storage?

These solutions are ideal for businesses aiming to use clean, environmentally friendly energy. Investing in solar energy for usage or storage can help reduce electricity costs by accumulating power during low-price hours and utilizing it during peak hours.


Especially for businesses in industries like restaurants, hotels, and rest stops, with relatively high monthly electricity consumption and high electricity bills. Therefore, solar power with storage solutions offers long-term benefits, maximizing the use of solar energy, storing excess electricity during normal hours for use during peak hours. Additionally, it provides a stable power supply even in areas with weak or inconsistent power grids or in remote island districts without electricity.

Depending on the roof area, investment needs, and project scale, businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and rest stops can choose Hybrid storage solutions for systems with capacities ranging from 5kWp to over 200kWp. Alternatively, they can opt for ESS (Energy Storage System) solutions for larger projects exceeding 1MWp.

Outstanding advantages of energy storage solutions

+ Independent operation regardless of the power grid, overcoming issues of power loss or fluctuations during overloaded periods.

+ The storage system allows excess solar power generated during the day to be stored and used when needed.

+ With a power range from 50kWp to 1MWp, providing continuous power for 2-5 hours, maintaining a stable backup power supply.


+ Flexible energy transfer and storage mechanisms, configured to charge/discharge based on time and actual needs, allowing storage during peak solar power hours and discharge during high-demand periods, saving on electricity costs.

+ An excellent replacement for traditional generators, operating silently, without fuel costs (gasoline, diesel), and requiring minimal maintenance expenses. It doesn’t cause power interruptions when in use.

+ Energy storage solutions can be combined with solar power or generators for use in districts without power grids. The modular design allows for easy upgrades and maintenance.

These solutions need to be consulted and designed by professional providers

As the system’s capacity depends on the load and backup time, to ensure the effectiveness and stable operation of the system, businesses need advice from providers of Hybrid and ESS energy storage solutions. These providers will assess, advise on system capacity, and propose suitable solar energy storage solutions tailored to the actual needs of the operation.


For over 17 years, DAT Solar has been continuously developing a comprehensive ecosystem, selecting globally renowned products, and researching solutions to enhance efficiency for solar energy customers, partners, and investors.

Especially for Hybrid and ESS energy storage solutions for businesses and power plants, DAT Solar’s team of solar energy experts and technicians will survey consumption parameters, analyze existing electrical system structures, and determine the backup power needs for critical loads, considering usage times. They provide advice and propose deployment plans for suitable solar storage systems, ensuring efficient power management and maintaining a stable and continuous power supply.

For more information and consultation on energy storage solutions for restaurants, hotels, and rest stops, contact the toll-free hotline at 1800 6567. DAT Solar is committed to comprehensive support, helping customers and partners optimize efficiency and costs.