Illuminating rural roads with SOLO solar lights

As one of the products configured according to the requirements of DAT Solar, the SOLO solar street light, an All-in-Two model with a capacity of 15W, is suitable for illuminating rural roads, inter-provincial traffic, installation around gardens, fish ponds, or areas without electricity grids.

The SOLO solar street light features a modern design with a patented structure. The lamp housing is made of high-pressure die-cast ADC12 aluminum alloy, providing good heat dissipation, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. The fin-shaped heat sink enhances air convection, improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the light.


The SOLO light uses “Quality Standard” components, meeting optical, temperature, and IP protection level testing standards simulating harsh environments. It has complete test reports for both the light and LED chip to ensure efficiency, electrical safety, and the physical performance of the light.

+ Uses Philips LUMILEDS 3030 LED chip for high efficiency of 170lm/W, saving 60% of energy compared to traditional lights. LED lifespan exceeds 50.,000 hours, with durability up to 12 years.

+ Luminous flux (Brightness of the light): 2610 Lumens.

+ Lithium LiFePO4 storage battery with a capacity of 153.6Wh, lifespan up to 8 years.

+ High-efficiency 50W/18V solar energy panel, durability over 25 years.

+ Smart controller allows the light to turn on in the dark, off in the light, customize brightness, reduce energy consumption, and extend the life of the light.

+ IP65 and IK08 protection levels enable the light to work well in high-temperature environments, prolonged rain, and dusty conditions.

+ Certified by CE, RoHS, TUV, IEC, CQC, CB, and complies with all standards of the Ministry of Construction.

In addition, the light cover has a batwing-shaped design, the latest patented light diffusion technology for a wide beam angle (150° x 75°), uniform road surface light above 0.7, and completely eliminates color spots, avoiding glare for road users.

The SOLO light is optimized with storage battery charging/discharging technology and intelligent control mechanisms, maintaining lighting time for up to 3 nights, even when there is no sunlight at all. Users can also adjust the time and brightness using a remote control with a 12-hour per night mode, giving more control over lighting.


Convenient for remote monitoring, automatic error alerts for timely handling, and remote control of the solar street light system, the SOLO light can connect to IoT monitoring based on 4G communication protocol and Zigbee communication for large-scale lighting projects (IoT is an optional feature).

Furthermore, Sokoyo will support product configuration according to the needs of each project and the requirements of investors, helping contractors confidently choose SOLO solar street lights for rural road lighting projects, inter-provincial roadways, and illumination within factory premises, gardens, etc.

Partners interested in learning more about the SOLO light, placing orders, or collaborating to distribute other “Quality Standard” solar lights can connect with DAT Solar – Sokoyo’s Exclusive Partner in Vietnam. DAT Solar ensures genuine products are always available at warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Can Tho, with a comprehensive support policy and a 3-year official warranty in Vietnam. Additionally, DAT Solar’s team of experts and engineers are available to provide advice, design lighting solutions, IoT monitoring, and complete installation services, ensuring the system operates stably, achieves high efficiency, and optimally increases efficiency for partners.

For more detailed information about the SOLO solar street light, smart lighting solutions, contact the hotline 1800 6567 (free of charge) for consultation and support 24/7.