Three special services when customers purchase equipment from DAT Solar

Not only an experienced EPC contractor, DAT Solar is also a reputable equipment supplier, offering three specialized services: system design, construction supervision, and system performance monitoring. These services provide customers with peace of mind when partnering with DAT Solar in large-scale solar projects in the MWp range.

Design Service – Tailored to Customer Needs

For solar systems to achieve high performance, high output, and stable operation throughout the project’s life cycle, the design and technical drawing phase is crucial. It directly influences investment costs and project quality. In addition to fast equipment supply, DAT Solar provides specialized design services tailored to each customer’s needs, optimizing operational capacity while ensuring safety and aesthetics.

DAT Solar provides consultation and system design based on the needs and expectations of customers

Leveraging its experience in supplying equipment and implementing over 10.000 solar projects with a total capacity of nearly 800MWp, DAT Solar’s team of highly skilled engineers creates custom designs based on meticulous surveys of the project’s actual conditions and customer requirements.

The experienced engineering team at DAT Solar has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing numerous large-scale projects

DAT Solar conducts structural and roof surveys to design a feasible layout, assess the electrical planning, and advise on system capacity for the customer. Subsequently, a feasible design, material breakdown, and PVSyst software application to calculate the system’s electricity output are provided, giving customers and investors a comprehensive view of the project’s efficiency and quality.

Professional construction supervision service

For the construction supervision service, DAT Solar’s team of solar experts and engineers closely monitor the project’s progress from the early stages on paper to the commencement and implementation of each construction phase, meeting all technical standards.

DAT Solar engineers meticulously inspect the wiring system

The project supervision team emphasizes precision and thoroughness in every stage, ensuring strict compliance with installation specifications for the operating floor, roof waterproofing, aluminum rail frame construction, panel installation, inverter installation, wiring, electrical closing, and most importantly, ensuring the highest safety and aesthetic standards. This approach encourages construction units to complete tasks on schedule, providing peace of mind and satisfaction to solar project investors.

System Performance Monitoring Service

In addition to design and construction supervision, DAT Solar also offers system performance monitoring services. DAT Solar collects data and monitors system operations through an IoT platform application, alerting to faults and causes of reduced system output (grid power failure, broken panels, weather conditions, etc.). It reports system operation indicators quarterly, evaluating the system’s power generation efficiency by comparing actual and theoretical performance.

Project supervision ensures both quality and construction progress

Furthermore, customers who purchase products and equipment from DAT Solar benefit from genuine warranty policies and electronic warranties in Vietnam. Through technical service branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho, all warranty work and resolution of technical issues are expedited within 48 working hours, minimizing system downtime.

Many large projects have trusted and partnered with DAT Solar

For businesses and investors in need of solar equipment, connect with DAT Solar, and we are ready to promptly and timely respond to all customer requests.

For more details, please contact the toll-free hotline 1800 6567 for 24/7 consultation and support.

Beyond being a comprehensive equipment supplier, DAT Solar is also a leading EPC contractor for rooftop solar projects in Vietnam, providing specialized solutions from design, installation, operation to maintenance, optimizing system performance, output, and efficiency for customers.