DAT collaborates strategically with Southern Power Corporation to develop solar power

In order to expand the ecosystem to meet the demand for rooftop solar for residents and businesses in the Southern region, on August 13, 2020, DAT Group Joint Stock Company (DAT Group) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Southern Power Corporation. Accordingly, both parties commit to jointly developing the rooftop solar energy sector in Vietnam.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), in the first 7 months of 2020, there were 19,810 rooftop solar projects with a total capacity of 541.66 MWp installed nationwide. As of August 23, 2020, a total of 45,299 rooftop solar projects with a total capacity of 1,029 MWp have been put into operation. These impressive numbers reflect the strong development of the solar energy sector in Vietnam, as households, businesses, and investors show increased interest in the potential renewable energy market.

To date, Vietnam has implemented various policies to support the development of the solar energy sector, such as Government Decision No. 13 on the incentive mechanism for solar power development. The signing of power purchase agreements and payment for electricity for rooftop solar projects according to Circular No. 18, with the electricity purchase price for projects operated before December 31, 2020, set at 8.38 US cents. The Vietnam Electricity Group also provides favorable conditions, streamlining processes and procedures to facilitate rooftop solar investors in easily signing connection agreements. Seizing the opportunity, many businesses, organizations, and investors decided to install solar power systems immediately after the policies were issued, creating a widespread solar energy boom across the country.


To expand the ecosystem to meet the significant demand from customers, on August 13, 2020, DAT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Southern Power Corporation, becoming a reliable partner, leveraging the strengths in the core activities and business of each party to provide the market with high-performance solar solutions, quality products, competitive prices, and dedicated services in 21 Southern provinces, jointly contributing to the development of the solar energy sector in Vietnam.


Through the strategic agreement, DAT will provide comprehensive equipment and commit to genuine product warranty policies. Southern Power Corporation will provide complete solutions from survey, design, installation, operation, and maintenance services, accompanying customers throughout the project life cycle.


In addition to providing quality equipment and being ready to respond immediately to large project deployment needs, DAT will also organize training for the personnel of Southern Power Corporation on solar solutions, including surveying, designing, material quantity takeoff, installation, and system operation. DAT, along with partners such as INVT, SMA, Sungrow, Canadian Solar, and Southern Power Corporation, commits to providing genuine warranty services according to standardized and professional procedures.


For over 17 years, DAT has been a leading technology company in the Vietnamese market with over 10,000 corporate customers nationwide. In the solar energy sector, DAT is both an EPC contractor for large projects and a comprehensive equipment supplier for rooftop solar projects. The diverse product range comes from global partners such as Canadian Solar, INVT, SMA, Sungrow, and professional survey, design, and construction services, meeting all technical, aesthetic, and high-yield requirements for numerous solar projects. The team, with 41% engineers and extensive experience, supplies equipment and installs over 10,000 solar power systems with a total capacity of nearly 800 MW nationwide, providing absolute peace of mind for customers.

Meanwhile, Southern Power Service Company is a unit under the Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC), with strengths in the fields of construction, inspection consulting, project quality assessment, repair, renovation, upgrade, and expansion of electrical projects. The company also offers installation and repair services for post-meter electricity and invests in operating and trading rooftop solar on houses.

The strategic collaboration between DAT and Southern Power Corporation will help customers have more reliable and experienced options for reputable rooftop solar solutions with high-quality equipment and dedicated services at the local level.

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