DAT Solar and Viettel Construction: Cooperation in training for sustainable development

From May to July 2020, DAT Solar organized various technical and business training programs for over 300 employees of Viettel Construction Joint Stock Company (VCC). Simultaneously, DAT Solar provided updates on new technology trends and shared practical experiences from over 3,000 solar projects nationwide that DAT Solar has supplied and installed.

The solar solution training program is part of a series of strategic cooperation activities between DAT Solar and VCC, conducted on a large scale in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. The aim is to develop the capabilities of the workforce, systematize in-depth technical knowledge, and efficiently train solar business skills, supporting the development of the solar energy industry and greening the roofs of Vietnamese homes.


Through technical training programs, VCC’s personnel will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge of surveying, system design, material estimation, installation, and operation of solar systems. For business training sessions, DAT Solar shares extensive experience in selecting target customers, providing in-depth sales advice, and guiding the use of professional sales tools in the solar field. This training is conducted directly by DAT Solar’s team of experts and engineers with rich “on-the-ground” experience in various large and small projects.


The training program content not only provides a foundational theoretical basis but also delves deeply into practical implementation tasks on projects ranging from household to large industrial scales. This approach helps VCC’s personnel and technicians gain an overview and a clear understanding of the solar project implementation process. Additionally, they gain insights into:

  • Design methods to achieve maximum system output.
  • Product selection strategies to optimize costs and shorten the payback period for customers.
  • Operation and maintenance practices to ensure system safety.


To ensure effective training, DAT Solar provides favorable conditions for VCC’s personnel to practice on DAT Solar’s solar system, visit warehouses, and explore DAT’s technical service center.


Mr. Tan Giap Le, Deputy Technical Director of VCC in Binh Duong, shared: “I highly appreciate DAT Solar’s organized and professional training deployment, thorough preparation from in-depth specialized materials, a teaching team consisting of engineers and solar experts with many years of experience, to the vivid and interactive training methods that combine theory with practice. Furthermore, DAT Solar shares a lot of practical experience, addressing common issues in project deployment, from surveying, design, construction, operation, to system maintenance. They can quickly handle simple technical errors when the system encounters issues. I am confident that, with DAT Solar’s experience in supplying and installing thousands of solar systems and VCC’s professionalism in project execution, both will enhance sustainable cooperation and bring even more success in the future.”


With the training programs organized by DAT Solar, quality is always the top priority. DAT Solar is committed to ensuring that 100% of VCC personnel participating in the courses have a clear understanding of both theoretical knowledge and practical application, ready to apply immediately to their work. Therefore, after the training sessions, DAT Solar will conduct end-of-course assessments and award certificates of completion for basic solar technical training and solar energy business skills training to VCC personnel. Through long-term strategic cooperation, DAT Solar and VCC aim to develop the capabilities of their workforce and improve project implementation processes, bringing optimal benefits to customers.

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For more than 17 years, DAT Solar’s engineering team has consistently selected globally qualified products and researched specialized solutions for implementing solar energy systems. The team calculates factors affecting output to provide the highest efficiency for its customers. DAT Solar’s value ecosystem includes:

17+ years of experience
350+ personnel with 41% being highly specialized engineers
10.000+ corporate customers
10.000 solar systems with a total capacity of 800MW nationwide
10MW solar panels always available