360-Degree virtual reality platform – Explore the DAT Solar energy ecosystem

With the aim of enhancing the user experience and providing a professional platform for our website system, DAT Solar introduces the 360-degree virtual reality platform, allowing customers and partners to easily explore the comprehensive and impressive product and energy solution ecosystem.


Running in parallel with the traditional website, the vr.datsolar.com 360-degree virtual reality platform will provide customers and partners with a more comprehensive view of DAT Solar’s product system and outstanding solutions through visually immersive simulations.


The 360-degree virtual reality platform is designed with a modern approach, minimizing complex display details, reproducing realistic colors and images to make it easier for viewers to focus and see each product and solution clearly. Simultaneously, the integrated virtual tour in the 360-degree platform maximizes perspectives, allowing flexible movement in wide spaces, along with navigation, zooming, and shrinking features that enhance the user experience. The 360-degree virtual reality platform is compatible with various browsers and operates smoothly on common devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, improving data loading speed compared to previous versions.


If the vr.datsolar.com 360-degree virtual reality platform is considered a showroom, customers and partners can actively explore two areas introducing DAT Solar’s product system and solutions. Here, they can delve deeper into product lines: Solar Lights, Storage Batteries, Grid-Tied Inverters, Solar Panels, and solutions such as Solar Street Lighting, ESS-Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions, Solar Power Systems for Water Pumps, and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

The development of the vr.datsolar.com 360-degree virtual reality platform is part of the plan to integrate and apply Industry 4.0 technology into website management activities, enhancing innovation, efficiency, and service quality to provide a better experience for customers and partners. It is believed that with the investment in the design of the interface, content, and professional imagery of the 360-degree virtual reality platform, DAT Solar is taking a distinctive new step in increasing the value of the comprehensive ecosystem, reaffirming a strong commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of the renewable energy industry.

Quickly access the 360-degree virtual reality platform at https://vr.datsolar.com/ to experience and explore the DAT Solar Energy Ecosystem.