Solar lighting solutions for smart cities

With the continuous development of Industry 4.0 and the demand for modern lighting solutions for smart cities, solar energy lights are becoming the optimal choice, gradually replacing traditional street lights.

Using solar energy lights is a smart lighting solution that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it brings numerous benefits in terms of installation cost, operating solely on solar power, with an operational lifespan of up to 15 years, making it suitable for rural road lighting projects and urban transportation. Specifically:

– Traffic lighting: inter-provincial roads, highways…

– Interior lighting: manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools…

– Outdoor lighting: family garden decoration, pathway lights, entrance gates

– Public area lighting: playgrounds, entertainment areas, squares, resorts…

– Lighting in green standard projects, projects using renewable energy

– Lighting in areas without electricity grids, remote areas, fishing boats…


However, to achieve high efficiency and stable operation of lighting solutions that meet the criteria of the Ministry of Construction, customers, partners, and project contractor units need to consider the following issues:

Consulting design to meet lighting construction standards

Depending on the type of lighting and scale, lighting projects must be designed to meet the standards of the Ministry of Construction, such as TCXDVN 333:2005 for artificial lighting outside public buildings and infrastructure; TCXDVN 259:2001 for artificial lighting of roads, streets, squares, and urban areas; TCVN 7114-1:2008 for criteria and quality of workplace lighting…

Additionally, the Dialux design software can be used to calculate important lighting parameters accurately and generate reports, optimizing investment costs.

Solar energy lights ensure lighting quality


– The LED chips of the lights come from renowned brands such as Lumileds (Philips) from the Netherlands, Bridgelux from the United States, Osram from Germany… with LED chip efficiency of around 170lm/W, a lifespan of 50.000 hours. The light quality is uniform, with color temperature suitable for traffic and public lighting…

– Mono-type solar panels, with cell efficiency of 20% or more, panel wattage >= 2 times the light wattage for faster charging.

– Lithium LiFePo4 storage battery, with a storage capacity 10-14 times greater than the light’s wattage, ensuring lighting for 2-3 days in prolonged rainy and cloudy conditions.

– Smart controllers with monitoring and protection functions for the storage battery, high charge and discharge efficiency.

Moreover, the lights should have CO, CQ, and meet international certifications such as CE, RoSH, ISO, IEC, CB… The products should have a beautiful, modern design, with components that contribute to high performance and durability.


Can be connected to IoT management and monitoring systems

This is the smart lighting solution of solar energy light systems, operating based on 4G networks and Zigbee communication protocols, suitable for large-scale lighting projects. The IoT solution helps:

+ Real-time monitoring of the operational status of each light and information on voltage, current, energy level, brightness…

+ Remote monitoring via phone, connecting to smart cities.

+ Remote control and brightness adjustment.

+ Automatic error alerts for quick and timely resolution.

+ Wireless communication, no need for connecting cables, saving labor monitoring costs.

Furthermore, the products should have warranties, genuine component replacements in Vietnam, providing trust and convenience for users.


As the exclusive partner of Sokoyo, one of the world’s leading brands in solar lighting, DAT Solar is currently distributing ‘standard quality’ solar street light products and smart lighting solutions, ensuring product availability and genuine warranty policies in Vietnam. Additionally, DAT Solar’s team of experts and engineers provide support for lighting solution consulting, IoT monitoring, product configuration, and turnkey installation. This allows customers and partners to trust in the quality and be satisfied with the efficiency when choosing Sokoyo lights and lighting solutions from DAT Solar.

For 24/7 advice and support, feel free to call the toll-free hotline at 1800 6567 or engage in direct chat with our advisory team.