Why many solar projects choose the “Super Converter” Duo

Many investors today opt for the “super converter” duo, consisting of Canadian Solar panels and INVT grid-tied inverters, to enhance the efficiency of their solar projects. With the booming trend of clean energy investment in Vietnam, amidst numerous choices, why is this “super converter” duo more trusted?

Proven Effectiveness in Large Projects

The Canadian Solar and INVT grid-tied inverter duo has been utilized in over 2000 solar systems nationwide. For instance, the High Voltage Grid Company in Ho Chi Minh City decided to choose this duo for the 1.8MW solar power system across 41 high-voltage stations, showcasing its effectiveness.

The solar power system at the High Voltage Grid Company in Ho Chi Minh City brings significant economic and environmental benefits

This duo must meet stringent technical requirements for high-voltage stations. Criteria include the use of Tier 1 solar panels, ranking among the top 5 globally in terms of output, and the grid-tied inverter must be TUV SUD, IEC, CE certified, meeting EVN’s grid connection technical standards.

Companies like Phuong Hau Rubber and Yteco have placed their trust in this ‘super converter’ duo for their solar systems. These companies have realized that this combination provides high efficiency and output. For example, Phuong Hau Rubber’s 982.8kWp solar power system not only maximizes electricity savings and enhances competitiveness but also allows surplus electricity to be sold to EVN, potentially generating around 122.000 USD annually.

Installing solar panels on the roof has enabled Phuong Hau Rubber Company to generate an annual revenue of 122.000 USD

Meanwhile, Yteco decided to invest in a 208kWh solar power system, not only saving energy but also enhancing the image of the medical equipment supply business, conveying the message of ‘Enhancing Human Health’ strongly. Many other investors, such as Parapex Textile Company, Solagron Company, and Can Tho Power Company, also trust the ‘super converter’ duo.

With the global technology of the ‘super converter’ duo, investors can recover their capital in just 4-5 years. Furthermore, the harmonious combination of this duo contributes to the longevity of solar power systems, with a lifespan of up to 30 years.

Continual Technological Advancements

To achieve the best efficiency for investors, the “super converter” duo is continuously improved. Canadian Solar panels incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as Black Silicon, PERC, Half-cut cells, 9 Busbars, Bifacial, and Dual Modules. Black Silicon technology enhances light absorption at broader wavelengths, reducing the rate of light reflection. PERC technology improves the efficiency of solar panels by allowing electrons to move more easily and increasing the reflection of light on the back surface of solar cell panels. Half-cut cells technology helps reduce power loss during operation, indirectly increasing electricity output. All these technologies converge in Canadian Solar panels, reducing the investment cost per 1kWp while still producing more electricity.

The super converter duo enhances efficiency for investors

To prevent the loss of electricity generated by solar panels, INVT technology utilizes a German technology platform to ensure their inverters achieve an almost absolute conversion rate of up to 98.6%. The product has surpassed strict standards such as the quality certification of the TÜV SÜD system, CE certification for the European market, and UL certification for the North American market.

Manufactured by Two Technological Giants

The “super converter” duo is crafted by two renowned global technology companies: Canadian Solar, a top 3 solar panel manufacturer globally, and INVT, with almost 20 years of experience in research, development, and production of inverters and control solutions in various industries.

In particular, INVT has 12 new technology research centers, 800 R&D engineers, 9 modern manufacturing plants, widely used in over 60 countries. INVT has been present in Vietnam for 17 years and is a trusted brand with over 600,000 products sold nationwide. Moreover, 100% of INVT inverters meet EVN’s grid connection technical standards.

Canadian Solar is a top 3 global manufacturer of solar energy panels (according to PV-Tech.org). Additionally, the reputable HIS Markit Customer Survey has consistently rated Canadian Solar panels as among the best quality/price in the market for many years. All Canadian Solar products distributed by the official channel undergo strict testing through 411 steps before leaving the factory. Therefore, all genuine products are absolutely perfect and consistent in quality. Furthermore, the products are guaranteed to meet quality standards with global certifications such as CSA, UL, TUV, CE, IEC…, and 36GW of solar panels are sold globally, insured and warranted by PICC.

Choose DAT for optimal benefits, reassured by comprehensive project lifecycle maintenance services

It is noteworthy that high-quality equipment is not the sole determinant of the final electricity output; it must be combined with an optimized design to achieve maximum efficiency. Almost no design fits all projects. Even a 1-degree difference in the inclination of solar panels creates a completely different electricity output. And each province in the S-shaped land has different inclinations to create optimal electricity output. Therefore, a specialized solution for each project is crucial. This can only be achieved by a supplier with many years of experience or their partners and distributors. Additionally, it is essential to choose a reputable supplier to not only purchase genuine products but also receive protection through the manufacturer’s warranty policy and dedicated maintenance services.

The DAT Solar engineering team is ready to install solar power at 41 high-voltage stations

Currently, DAT Group is the authorized partner of Canadian Solar and the exclusive representative of INVT in Vietnam. Therefore, DAT understands all methods in the design, installation, and system installation to optimize performance and meet the standards and warranty conditions set by the manufacturer of solar panels and inverters. DAT provides 24/7 consultation support and lifetime project maintenance services.

Moreover, DAT Group has 17 years of experience in the solar energy field along with a value ecosystem with a staff of 350 employees, with engineers accounting for up to 41%, trained in electrical engineering and renewable energy at leading universities both domestically and internationally. The capabilities of DAT Solar have been proven with a series of successful projects for state-owned and private enterprises, both domestically and internationally.

DAT Group is a leading product supplier and solution developer in the Vietnamese market in the fields of solar energy, inverter – automation, elevator control with over 17 years of experience and more than 10,000 customers nationwide. DAT Group has supplied and installed 10,000 projects nationwide, with a total capacity of 800MW of solar power.

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